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Open Frame goes live with NitroPCR, featuring Google Glass integration.

Mobile, AL: Open Frame LLC announced that NitroPCR (, its mobile electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) system, is now online and available for use. NitroPCR allows Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to complete PCRs on mobile devices anywhere. NitroPCR is a ‘real time’ system powered by cloud based servers in a highly available, scalable, and secure computing environment. Real Time access to PCRs gives healthcare providers access to a patient's health status even before the patient arrives to the ER and Google Glass integration helps EMTs stay informed of events with notifications and GPS navigation.  PCRs can be transmitted securely to healthcare providers or accessed online and the application is HIPAA compliant. NitroPCR is also NEMSIS ( Gold compliant which means it is certified for use in all 50 US states. Using mobile, wearable, and cloud technology also makes NitroPCR one of the the most cost effective ePCR solutions available. It requires very low start up capital, and the pay-as-you-go billing model means the system scales well for any size and type of service from public, private, or volunteer, with any monthly call volume.

Regarding NitroPCR security, Nik Martin, the Founder of Open Frame said:

“Security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) was one of the core requirements when designing NitroPCR. NitroPCR is very secure; it encrypts all transmitted and stored data, and no PHI is stored on the device.”

Regarding costs, Mr. Martin also said:

“NitroPCR is cost effective for any size EMS service provider, allowing small volunteer organizations to multi-state service providers to convert to ePCRs with very low up-front costs and no penalty for having very small or very large call volumes, which is an issue with traditional PC based ePCR software”.

To accomplish the strict requirements for securing ePHI, Open Frame uses the latest cloud and mobile technology available. Mobile based PCRs would not have been practical even 2 years ago, but with the rapid advancement of secure cloud and mobile computing, are available today. Updates to the software are deployed through the device’s application store, just like other applications on the device, meaning deployment and maintenance updates are seamless. The mobile platform allows every EMS personnel with a mobile device, whether personal or company provided, to have access to the NitroPCR system. The ePCR platform Open Frame developed also integrates with Google Glass, sending critical event information right to the EMT's Glass, giving them event details and GPS navigation to the scene.

NitroPCR is available today as a Pay-As-You-Go service, and the app is available in the Google Play Store.

About Open Frame: Open Frame LLC ( is a cloud powered mobile technology development company based in Mobile, Alabama. Founded in 2013, Open Frame designs mobile computing technology based on highly available, scalable, and secure cloud computing and mobile platforms.