The service after the sale has been wonderful!

Rob Parker

Create, edit, and submit EMS Patient Care Reports (ePCR) fast and painlessly.

Portable - No expensive, heavy computer to carry around. Just take out your phone or tablet and complete your PCR anywhere, anytime. Google Glass integration brings critical event information right to your Glass Timeline for easy access.
Speech enabled - Edit, update and transcribe your PCR just by talking to your phone, tablet, or Google Glass.
Efficient - The efficiency gained in switching from paper to NitroPCR pays for itself the first month you use it.
Secure - Cloud connected, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant - NO PHI data stored on your mobile device.
GPS enabled - Route to and from any address using your device's GPS receiver.
Easy to Use - Quickly swipe between screens and sections with one hand.
All devices - NitroPCR is compatible with all of your Android devices, and is designed for hand-helds, any size tablet, and Google Glass.
FAST - Real-Time reporting and dispatch updates.
Save Money - Stop paying for triple data entry (Dispatcher, User, and Billing), and pay for only the PCRs you create each month - no big up-front costs, training, hardware, or support fees.
Make More Money - More accurate reporting means fewer claim denials and more efficient and thorough billing.

NitroPCR is mobile software for completing, managing, and reporting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Patient Care Reports, commonly known as PCRs or ePCRs, run sheets, or trip reports. NitroPCR version 0.2.00 is certified NEMSIS Gold, meaning it is accepted for use in all 50 states.